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Brand New HP Envy 17 17-1000 17T-1000 Series Fan + Heatsink
Brand New HP Envy 17 17-1000 17T-1000 Series Fan + Heatsink
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Presario V5208CA Laptop Keyboard -- Original Brand New HP COMPAQ Presario C300, C500, R3000, V2000, V5000, M2000 Series Keyboard -- [Color: White]

Getting your HP COMPAQ Presario V5208CA today is free of shipping charge. We supply brand new HP COMPAQ Presario V5208CA Laptop Keyboard with low price. We guarantee the Presario V5208CA with a full warranty during warranty period if the product has any quality problem!
Original Brand New HP COMPAQ Presario C300, C500, R3000, V2000, V5000, M2000 Series Keyboard -- [Color: White]
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Free Shipping
Brand New,3 Months Warranty
HP COMPAQ Presario V5208CA Information:
Layout: US
Letter: English
Remark: Ribbon cable included
Color: White
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 3 Months
Payment:  PayPal | Credit Card
Default Shipping:  HongKong Registered Air Mail
                              With Tracking Number, Free
Express Shipping: UPS|EMS

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350787-001 407856-001 PK1300Z0100
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Shipping Information:

We ship to worldwide range and the shipping is also free unless you request express delivery. The delivery to the most countries usually takes about 9~15 business days.

Normally, all orders are shipped from Hong Kong by HK post office registered air mail. You will get an email of shipping information including the tracking number once your order is shipped out from our warehouse.

Please find the detail of the express as below:

Express Company Estimated Delivery Time cost
EMS5-10 business days AU$17
UPS4-7 business days AU$20

If your address can't be reached by above express company, please contact us by and inform us of your express company.
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